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ROBOCODE Enhancing Digital and Robotic Coding Skills
By info@np2e.org

ROBOCODE Enhancing Digital and Robotic Coding Skills


The ROBOCODE project is a collaborative initiative aimed at developing the digital and robotic coding skills of instructors and youth. This project is a partnership between Bilisim Vadisi (Turkey), NP2E (The Netherlands), and Moby Dick (Italy).

Main Goals of the ROBOCODE Project

  1. Raise Awareness of Robotic Coding and Software Development
    The project aims to increase understanding and awareness of robotic coding and software development among both educators and students. By introducing these concepts, the project seeks to demystify the world of robotics and software, making it more accessible and engaging for everyone involved.
  2. Increase Interest in the Coding and Software Ecosystem
    By exposing participants to the exciting possibilities within the coding and software ecosystem, ROBOCODE hopes to spark a lasting interest in these fields. The project includes interactive workshops, hands-on coding sessions, and engaging lectures designed to highlight the creative and practical applications of coding and robotics.
  3. Train Future Robotic Coding Instructors/Tutors
    A key component of the project is to equip instructors and tutors with the necessary skills and knowledge to teach robotic coding effectively. This training ensures that future generations of students will have access to high-quality education in this increasingly important field.

Through this partnership, Bilisim Vadisi, NP2E, and Moby Dick aim to create a robust foundation for the next generation of digital and robotic coding experts. The collaborative effort focuses on equipping both instructors and youth with the skills they need to thrive in a technology-driven future.

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  • June 3, 2024

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